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Entity FX is a leading visual effects studio creating digital imagery for feature films, high-end television, commercials, and special projects.

Entity FX is based in Santa Monica, California with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Vancouver, Canada.  In the last year Entity FX has worked on two feature films and 8 TV shows. Two films: The Last Face and Arms and the Dude are both due out in 2016. See credits for a more comprehensive list.

On the TV side, Entity FX handles end-to-end visual effects supervision and production for the hit CW shows The Vampire Diaries and The Originals and a new suspense mini-series Containment.  Entity has also provided VFX for HBO’s True Detective, Getting On, and the Ballers Pilot,as well as FX's Fargo, AMC’s The Walking Dead, and Fox's reboot of The X Files.   See credits for a complete list.

Entity FX has received multiple Emmy Award nominations — winning two Emmys, as well as multiple Visual Effects Society Award nominations — winning three times.

Services provided by Entity FX cover all areas of visual effects including supervision, coordination and production, as well as live-action photography, miniature photography, and second unit direction.











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